What is Sitemap?

Sitemaps are an important tool which will help improve the appeal of your site in search results. Through providing specific information about your website, such as titles descriptions, description tags, keywords and descriptions , a sitemap can help Google to index and discover your website's content faster.

What is Sitemap?


The sitemap serves as a design for your website which assists search engines in locating the site, crawling and indexing all of the site's information. Sitemaps also notify search engines about the most crucial pages on your site. The main purpose of a site maps is to ensure that Google can find all pages that are on your site. Most the pages on a website are accessed through the internal link. However, when a website's internal linking isn't working, then certain pages could be overlooked by search engines. Therefore, it's always best to have a sitemap since it provides information on every page on the website, and assists search engines to locate every page.

  1. Start by creating a sitemap manually. If you do not have technical expertise, you can make use of plugins or tools to make a the sitemap.
  2. Submit your sitemap to Google using the search console. Before you submit the sitemap, be sure you check for any mistakes.
  3. It is important to mark top priority pages in the sitemap. You may also specify the frequency at which bots should crawl certain pages.
  4. It is recommended to include only the URLs with a canonical format.
  5. Utilize meta tags for robots to indicate pages are not suitable to be indexed. This will help save your crawling budget.

Sitemaps define all the websites that have links. Sitemaps have the greatest importance.

Sitemaps play a key role in SEO:

Give Search Engines the URLs: Google has bots which are known as crawlers (Other search engines too contain these bots, but we'll be talking about Google exclusively). The crawlers scan each page on your site and collects links and analyze them , and then process the information for indexing. When you've got a Sitemap, in place, it will be easier for crawlers locate all URLs in one area. It is the way your website are indexed more quickly. Internal Links Increased Internal Links are essential for getting indexes faster. If you have a table of links i.e. Sitemap, it links some of your web pages at least three homepages pages, including the link, and the page where link is displayed.

Current quality: Sitemap tells search engines how often your website is regularly updated. This impacts your rank on Google. If you found this information useful, then please share it with others. keep following me for more high-quality answers.

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