What is Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console can be used to optimize and monitor your Google search results. It allows you to track your website's performance in many areas, including traffic volume, organic search rankings and SERP features.

What is Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console

Google search console, a Google tool that allows you to assess the performance of your website's pages, is free. It shows you how Google drives traffic to your pages.

You can view the page's average rank, impressions, and click-through rates for each page. These data can be combined with information from GCS about search queries to aid in SEO.

Additionally, GSC provides features like detecting indexing errors, duplicate detection, broken links, etc.

This tool will show you which pages perform well on your site and which ones have potential to do well. It also gives insight into ways to improve their performance. You can ignore, remove or redirect pages that are not performing well.

Five reasons to use Google Search Console immediately

  1. Send your sitemap to Google using your XML Sitemap. To ensure that your website is crawl-ready, use Google's robot.txt test.
  2. Analyse search analytics to see which keywords lead to your site being found in search results
  3. HTML Improvements provide insights into how to improve your website's user experience. Google is now a UX-first crawler, which focuses on user experience items like padding, spacing, resizing on different devices, spacing between objects, and other things.
  4. Crawl errors: You need to know what crawl errors are occurring on your site in order to quickly fix them and reduce long-term SEO penalties
  5. You can view your page as Google views it with the Fetch as Google tool.

What can you do more ?

  • Submit new content to crawl and remove any content that you don't wish to be shown in search results
  • You can monitor and fix spam or malware issues to ensure your site is clean
  • Find out which company contact information, product prices, and events are highlighted in rich data and structured search results
  • Check out which websites are linking to you website

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