9 Common Google Ads Mistakes and How To Avoid them

There are some of common mistakes that agencies make when the use of Google Ads. Some of the most not unusual ones consist of not putting budgets successfully, now not targeting the ideal target audience, and not creating powerful ads.

9 Common Google Ads Mistakes and How To Avoid them

Do you think that you've created an ideal Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) campaign? If yes, then congratulations. But I'll wager that there's at the very least one error mentioned in this article that you may have made and you should read the rest of the article.

Summary of the topics to be discussed within this piece:

  • Search & Display Network
  • Negative keywords
  • Conversion tracking
  • Keyword research
  • Test bidding strategies
  • Test ad copies of ads
  • Ad Extensions
  • Regional patterns
  • Experiments

Google Ads can be an extremely efficient sales and lead generation machines and the wide array of options, features and targeting options available is just one of the many reasons. However, the thing that is the reason for its incredible popularity is also the same thing that could limit the return on investment. In most cases, the default guidelines that Google offers when setting up an advertising campaign could turn out to be costly and are exactly the that you want to steer clear of. There's a conflict in interesse here, as you can seeyou're trying to drive sales. Google's focus is on clicks. Sometimes, it's just a matter of important functions being hidden away so that a missed feature is very easy to miss.

When you know how to spot and avoid these errors By avoiding these mistakes, you will be closer to your ultimate objective - to drive more traffic specifically to your website, and increase the effectiveness of you marketing strategies.

So, let's take close look at the 9 most frequently made Google Ads mistakes that most new campaigns are prone to and look at ways to avoid these.

1. Search & Display Network

In the creation of search network campaigns you have the option of selecting Search Network, Display Network or both. It is also possible to add Google search partners on both networks. If you are running search campaigns in which leads are the primary goal (and not necessarily branding awareness) it is recommended that you want to choose just one network, the Search Network, because conversion rate of clicks for Display Network is notoriously low when compared to search. This increases your Cost Per Acquisitions with no significant benefits.

What happens on Search Network when you target keywords is that they appears only on Google and only search partners. If you choose Display Network, Google will try to display your ad to relevant web pages, however it won't be visible to people actively looking for you. So, choosing Display networks is waste because you won't receive relevant traffic that converts.

Your next step is to uncheck your default display and search partner networks when you are setting up your campaign.

2. Not Using Negative Keywords

For Google Ads, it is vital to continue increasing your list of negative keywords in accordance with your reports on search terms every week, at a minimum.

Start by making a list of keywords that can be found on the internet using tools like Semrush's Keyword Planner, as well other sources like Ubersuggest, Google suggestions as well as Semrush or Ahrefs (both are paid-for tools, however). Techwyse is one of the sites where you will also be able to discover a full list of bad keywords you can begin using ASAP. These keywords can make you dollars when you use Google Ads, as they can help you attract more qualified leads, and also discredit search results that aren't positioned to turn into sales.

3. Not Optimizing For Conversion Testing

It's shocking to realize how many ads are being run with no conversion testing.

Without this information, you cannot be certain of what it will cost you to get a lead or sale through your marketing campaigns, and which key words are producing sales, and which ones are not...the list could go on and on.

Optimizing your campaign to increase conversions is a guaranteed way to increase the ROI and get the most of your $$$. Go to Settings -> Measurement -> Conversions. Make sure you add every possible conversion option in relation to actions users use in your application.

Examples of conversion actions based on your service or product:


  • Form submission
  • Email sent
  • A phone call
  • Sign up for the newsletter

The main reason Google Ads exists is to provide sales and leads, but in the absence of optimizing your ads to convert and sales, it's impossible to achieve this.

Your task: set up as numerous conversion actions as you can.

4. Poor Keyword Research

One of the most frequent and potentially the most deadly Google Ads mistakes you can make is to not conduct thorough research on keywords. It is not possible to select keywords that you believe people are looking for, or based on the type of keywords you'd search for. It is essential to utilize tools like the Google Keyword Planner to find the appropriate and relevant keywords to your account.

As well as conducting the research on keywords, be sure to choose the correct match kind for your keywords, and in a majority of cases the broad match type is one you want to steer clear of. They're usually an unnecessary waste of time since they can result in lots of unrelated traffic, which will increase your expenses and CPA and lowering the overall rank of your account.

5. Not Testing Bidding Strategies

With all the bid strategies to choose from for 2018, it could seem like a daunting job to choose the best one for you. But, it is worth conducting a trial of a few to determine which one is the most appropriate to your needs. Although the majority of advanced advertisers would prefer using CPC that is manually operated certain advertisers prefer to the highest conversion rates as well as enhanced CPC.

By using manual CPC, you have more control over the bids you place over the long run. But, if you're looking to test campaigns for only two or three weeks, you can opt to a higher CPC or increase clicks. These bid strategies enable Google to capture the maximum clicks for the lowest cost that is possible.

There are two strategies for bidding that you want to concentrate on are in the direction of CPA and focusing on ROAS. The two strategies for bids let you to bid in line to your ideal Cost Per Act or the Return of Investment. This, in turn, allow you to invest just the right amount of ads to maximize your ROI and maximize the value of your investment.

Your goal The best advice is to not choose a one-size-fits-all bidding method, so try different strategies for bidding to find your ideal price.

6. Creating Only One Ad Variation

Another typical Google Ads mistake is creating just one ad per group or a single ad that has only one variation. When you want to increase the conversion rate of your ads and decrease costs, it's important to have multiple ad variations for each group of ads.

Although you may employ the same headline or description, it's important to find various ad variants and try them to determine which is the most effective. If you discover a winning advertisement, you can stop the remainder and make an alternative version that is slightly different from the winning. You can then continue the split-testing.

There must be plenty of testing and fine-tuning of your campaign in order to discover the ROI optimal point. Very rarely will you encounter an initiative that hits the ground running and generates sales or leads left and left from the start.

7. Not Adding Extensions

Consider extensions as the bells and whistles to your ads. Google is making it easier for you to make properly-optimized advertisements and increase the number of qualified visitors to your site through the capabilities of extensions. You can now add additional details in your ad to distinguish it from the rest of the competition.

Utilizing ad extensions is an extremely efficient method to boost your clicks. It is possible to add sitelink extensionsthat display various links on your site and direct visitors to pages that are relevant. Add callout extensionsthat allow you to highlight certain unique features you can offer. Structured snippet extensions, messages extension, locations extensions as well as price extensions, are some other kinds of extensions that you could use.

If you are targeting mobile users it is crucial to make use of call extensions or messages extensions. It is possible to permit mobile users to reach you or send messages via the mobile phone.

8. Ignoring Regional Trends

It's a tough one. I have observed that there are two kinds of advertisers: those who increase the volume on targeting and focus on a small region, like a city. Others choose to be very aggressive and bidding at a national level or perhaps international.

It's not a wonder that your first thought you need to consider is the place which you'll take care of. If you're an established local business, for example for instance, a restaurant, you'll only want to promote your business within your area or perhaps an area that you want to gain market share.

If you are a business that doesn't face the same issues It's recommended to explore the possibility of a wider geographic area.

The benefit of this strategy is that once you've got some data to use, you can examine your advertising performance on a basis of city/town and then make a few phone calls. For instance, you might observe that the conversion cost from one city is less than another , which could be the reason why you reduce the budgeting for the city that is more expensive while increasing it in the opposite.

9. Not Using Experiments

The Experiments feature in Google Ads is a hidden treasure and it's a shame the majority of advertisers don't make use of it.

In essence, it lets you to conduct split tests to discover a more efficient variable. It lets you test various ads, landing pages keywords, types of keyword match Keywords, keyword match types, and a lot more.

Additionally, you can decide what number of participants you want to notify for each test. This means that you are able to limit your risks, and the possibilities for reward are higher.

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