Best Content Writing Tools in 2023 (Free & Paid)

In the realm of the writing of content, you can find a variety of tools that can aid you in improving your writing abilities, simplify your workflow, and improve all aspects of the quality you produce.

Best Content Writing Tools in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Content Writing

While a lot of marketing functions are now automated, the process of writing content is mostly an incredibly manual task.

In this article we'll present an array of 16 free and paid tools for writing content and software applications that can aid you in the research, outline the writing process, grading, and editing of your web content prior to hitting publish.

Content Research Tools

Planning research, outline, and plan your content can solve a variety of problems. 

First of all Are people searching for the topic you plan to discuss in your article?

If not, unless you want to create thought-provoking content, which might not have an enormous amount of traffic, there's a lot of merit in making an editorial calendar based around subjects that people would like answers to.

After you've selected subjects that are relevant to your business the subsequent step is to create an outline that includes important keywords, structure of content and any additional questions your audience is also asking on the internet.

Audience Research Tool

Answer The Public's free tool can help you find out the questions people are asking on the web about your keyword of choice. Enter your keyword and click search. The tool scours Google's autocomplete search results to generate a list of ideas for content, that are based on real-world search results.

What we love the most about Answer The Public is that the volume of content ideas are difficult to find in any other free app. The ability to plug in "home security cameras" into the app will provide a wide range of options, with different search intentions.

Keyword Research Tool

Ahrefs is a top SEO and web content tool. You don't require a subscription to begin.

It comes with a variety of free tools writers can utilize to verify their ideas, assess the volume and difficulty of keywords to understand how difficult to be ranked for a particular phrase.

For the home security camera keyword, for instance for instance, Ahrefs free tool gives ideas in the 'phrase match' bucket as well as questions bucket.

10 keyword phrases which are arranged by volume can be purchased without the requirement of credit card. You'll require a paid subscription for more in-depth information as well as SEO research.

Content Brief Workflow

After you've uncovered ideas via Answer The Public and checked the volume and difficulty of keywords using Ahrefs the following step will be to sketch out an outline of world-class quality to ensure that your content will accomplish what it's designed to do: rise up to top page for search engines.

Content Harmony's Content Briefs workflow will prevent you from having to open 30 tabs simultaneously as you attempt to figure out what H2s and the H3s that include, typical questions on websites like Quora, Reddit, and Stack Exchange, what supplemental keywords you should include, and high-quality links that will add credibility for your posts.

Content Creation Tools

The fun part is now of creating the content you've spent hours studying and preparing. It's more crucial because your content needs to be interesting easily accessible and create interest from your readers.

Search engines consider things like click-through rate and bounce rates to determine ranking signals If your content is stale and boring, it's likely to be dropped from search results quite quickly.

Document Writing and Editing Tool

If Google Docs isn't already a regular app within your writing tools, it must be. It's free with every Google account and you can make use of it to edit, write or archive your work with others.

When you use Google Docs, all your documents are saved to the cloud in a timely manner. There's an offline writing feature. This means you're unlikely to lose any part of your document due to a bad connection to the internet or is crashing without cause.

We are in love with Google Docs are its collaborative features. You can toggle between various permission levels, which means you can give your document to others and choose whether they are able to read, comment or even edit it.

Screenshot Tool

We would recommend both Lightshot and Greenshot.

Screenshots are great to create guides, how-to types, and any other situation that need to demonstrate an idea. Lightshot and Greenshot are fantastic, light screenshot tools that let you to edit your image within the app and share it via the cloud or with others or save it on your device.

Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer suggest the headline analyzer of IsItWP and CoSchedule as well as the headline analyzer software.

Headlines form the first impression your readers get of your content It's imperative to make sure you nail them. A standard article that has a compelling headline will always have a higher percentage of clicks than an article with a standard headline. A excellent tool for analyzing headlines can assist you in creating the most effective headline for your article.

Graphic Design & Editing Tool

Visual elements within your content can increase readership and engagement as well.Canva is an outstanding tool for those looking to go beyond the simple embedding of images downloaded from the internet. The hundreds of templates built into the program let you make charts, images mockups, social media posts using the drag and drop options.

The most appealing aspect of Canva is that it's made to be used by people with little experience in design. Contrary to tools that are designed for enterprise, like Adobe Photoshop Canva doesn't require users to undergo any formal education within the software.

Editing & Publishing Tools

Errors in grammar, typos or poorly structured content is an absolute turn-off, and could seriously hamper your efforts to gain the trust of your audience. Editing publishing, publishing, as well as content graders are essential components of your content writing software toolkit.

Editor & Spell Checker

Grammarly is a great tool for spotting mistakes that editors is likely to spot. The browser extension can pick your writing in Google Docs, Twitter, Slack and email applications and, even the Content Harmony Content Grader and suggests adjustments when it spots an problem.

We found that its grammar and spelling algorithms are superior to those on Microsoft Word or Google Docs along with other features such as an active voice checker.

Readability Tool

The Hemingway App helps you connect to your audience through a the language they can understand.

The average American readability level is that is comparable to 7th or 8th graders and it is the UK Government encourages creators to set a reading levels of 9. If your content is packed with long, difficult-to-read sentences, you can expect your readers to switch off quickly.

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